About Us - Caketography

Our Story

We are the couple that brought our passions together and created Caketography.

Ever since the day we met in 2013 we joked about how amazing it would be if we ended up in the wedding industry together based on our passions. Phillip always loved photography and cakes were bound to be in Jenessa's future. Our specialties are different, but our passions are the same, why not combine them together?

Jenessa attended George Brown College for Baking and Pastry arts Management back in 2011 and later Phillip attended Mohawk College for Photography in 2014.

Over the past three years our ideas snowballed from a simple idea to a flourishing business plan. Together we decided we did not want it to be an idea anymore, but to make it a reality.

As a team we continue to grow and create fresh and new ideas. We're always coming up with unique ways to further benefit our clients with both cake, desserts and photography.

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